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At home haldi ceremony decorations by experts in Sydney

At home haldi ceremony decorations by experts in Sydney 1200 798 cherrys

At home haldi ceremony decorations by experts in Sydney

Haldi is an important function which is celebrated 2-3 days before the wedding. It is a highly popular event in the Indian weddings planned and rejoiced in Sydney, Australia. Haldi is viewed as a blessing to the bride and groom and is performed by family members. It involves rubbing turmeric mixed with oil on the body of an individual going to marry. At Cherry’s Memories, haldi ceremony decoration Sydney is one of our excellent services. Since from the beginning, we have become part of many Indian wedding celebrations as haldi event decorators. Our commitment to hard work, and high-end, and comprehensive services has made us trusted among people.

Get the best haldi decoration services at home

We are readily available with the thoughts for bringing creativity to your doorsteps. It’s an auspicious event for you and also important for us to make it happen as per your wish. So, our haldi function decoration Sydney focuses on everything from color selection to floral decoration, and haldi canopy. You can choose the best color combination for decoration to make it a theme-inspired event. Thus, providing you with the best range of colors for decoration such as:

  • Fully Orange
  • Fully Yellow
  • The contrast of white and yellow
  • The contrast of red and yellow
  • Contrast of pink, white, and yellow

No matter what you prefer for the color combination, our decoration remains constant and steady. However, the color yellow is mainly considered for the wholesome decoration of the haldi ceremony. So, we provide you with a stunning yellow background and canopy for the Haldi ceremony. Also, we can add a fusion of marigold flowers to the décor to make it captivating.

Decoration for haldi event and party

Some families also consider arranging small parties for haldi ceremonies. Therefore, even if you want to make some outdoor arrangements for Haldi, we can deliver our best. During the event, your loved ones often prefer to dance on the floor. So, proper lighting and background are important for best photography and videography. Therefore, we set the scene apart with Haldi decoration Sydney by handling everything. From setting up the canopy to lighting to installing drapes and seating arrangements, we can align everything in place. So, you just need to focus on celebrating your remarkable Haldi event and forget about the stress.

Have traditional-style haldi décor

We adorn your venue with a touch of traditional haldi ceremony decoration Sydney. It includes the door hangings embedded with marigold flowers and rose garlands with colorful rangoli. Thus, giving an ethnic touch to your event for sure to make the event stylish. Also, we add a blend of fabrics and colorful drapes to make the ambiance inviting for your guests.

To sum up

Haldi ceremony decoration Sydney is not an easy task to handle for a layman. That’s why Cherry’s Memories takes responsibility to make it hassle-free for its clients. So, contact us to make your event stylish and unforgettable by adding a personal touch to your haldi décor for pre-wedding events.