Terms & Conditions


(a) The hirer shall at all times use the hired item in a proper manner and shall at his own expense ensure the item remains in good condition, reasonable wear and tear accepted.
(b) Before accepting the items the hirer shall note the condition and return the item in the same condition.
(c) The hirer acknowledges that he accepts items as is and understands limitations if any.


Upon completion of the hiring, the item must be properly cleaned by the hirer. It is agreed that the whole or any part of the cost incurred by the owner arising out of a failure by the hirer under this clause may be charged.


Cherry’s Memories Private Limited team retains the right to determine if the set up of hire items means there is a risk to property or persons in the case of inclement weather or where site conditions are considered unsafe. In this instance, alternatives may be suggested if time and materials allow. The hirer shall abide by the company’s position in this instance.

Cherry’s Memories Private Limited team shall not be held liable if through no fault of their own items or staff transported are unable to complete the journey to the site because of extreme traffic, weather or vehicle break down.

If the hirer is to set up hired items themselves Cherry’s Memories Private Limited team accepts no responsibility for incorrect installation

*Any minor or adult should not be engaged to move forcefully the styling/Decoration setup once it is completed by Cherry’s Memories Private Limited team, any child attending the event shouldn’t be playing around with any of Cherry’s Memories Private Limited props as they are heavy and may injure a person or child if forcefully moved, the client must inspect to ensure that there are no breaches of safety requirement. Cherry’s Memories Private Limited team will not be liable for any injury that occurred during the whole event time. All Children must always be under adult supervision at all times.


Cherry’s Memories Private Limited adheres to the law of the relevant Occupational Health and Safety Acts of A.C.T. & N.S.W. The Customer is to ensure adequate safety measures are adopted when necessary. The Customer will make any inspections to ensure that there are no breaches of safety requirements at the site whether imposed by authority or otherwise; and that all works are performed according to relevant safety codes, standards, and manufacturer’s specifications; and that there are no alterations or modifications to any Prop made by any person other than an employee of the Company.


If you utilize our payment gateway for payment, collecting and processing personal data necessarily involves the transmission of data on an international basis. Therefore, by browsing our website and communicating electronically with us you acknowledge and agree to our processing of personal data in this way.


Any deposit paid for booking becomes non-refundable. A three weeks’ notice is required for the cancelation of an event by the client due to any unforeseen circumstances, paid deposit will then become only redeemable for any future event with Cherry’s Memories Private Limited. 50% of the total bill is payable by client and become non refundable prior two weeks of the event. In case of cancellation by client under two weeks of the event, amount equals to 50% of the total bill is payable by client.

All payments are strictly due as specified on the quotation. Full payment must be made two days prior to the event date, else we reserve the right not to deliver our service on the event date. Credit card payments incur a 3% surcharge.


The hirer will be responsible for any loss or damage to the item for any reason whatsoever. It is agreed that upon the completion of the period of the hire the whole or any part of the cost of replacement of or repair to the equipment may be charged. In case of hire items damaged at hirer’s event, there is a cost amount of $500 per unit (i.e. each Animal, each Plinth, each Stand, each Backdrop) is payable by Hirer upon pickup of hired items.


The Customer shall ensure that all the event Props are adequately insured under the Customer’s All Risks Insurance Policy which shall be available for Cherry’s Memories Private Limited inspection on request. Cherry’s Memories Private Limited team will not insure any event Props Any insurance policies undertaken are the sole responsibility of the Customer. The Customer bears all risk in relation to the Props and its use until the Props is safely returned to Cherry’s Memories Private Limited in good condition.

By Receiving this document, Hirer read and agreed to the above-written conditions unless advised.