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Adding grandeur to your wedding event with maharaja stage setup

Adding grandeur to your wedding event with maharaja stage setup 1800 1200 cherrys

Adding grandeur to your wedding event with maharaja stage setup

The stage for the wedding event is always considered as a focal point. Everyone wants to climb the stage to give good wishes to the couple. So, the stage of your event must have an appealing look. That’s where the idea of Maharaja wedding setup Parramatta works greatly for special moments. Cherry’s Memories is the best planner and decorator on the stage to give it a royal touch. We offer you fanciful stage decorations using maharaja decor. Thus, elevating your event fully to make it beautiful and well-celebrated by family and guests.

Decorating the stage with a classic Indian theme

The royal era of Indian kings and emperors is well known by the world. They celebrated their events like weddings as grand affairs by bringing a blend of luxurious items. So, adding that classy touch to your wedding in Parramatta is likely to make your event lavish. So, our Maharaja wedding décor Parramatta embellishes your Indian wedding with stunning red and gold-colored theme stage decorations. The stage carries exceptional grandeur with intricate carvings, luxury draping, and a glow of red and golden tones. Thus, bringing timeless beauty to your wedding stage.

Temple-style mandap creation

Do you want to add a religious touch to your wedding stage decorations? If yes, then executing an idea of temple style mandap is good to consider. Maharaja Mandap for stunning Indian wedding with a temple looks exquisite and tempting. You can get the mandap of fiber decorated with a gold or silver-colored theme. The mandap comprises four pillars with the small statues of Lord Ganesha and elephants. Thus, the mandap for holy wedding rituals will be located at the center of the stage. The temple-themed stage for the wedding reminds you about rich Indian culture and makes the event attractive.

Open stage mandap creation

You can also go for a vivid open stage mandap creation to add luxe to your event. We can provide you with an Indian wedding maharaja open stage mandap to complete wedding rituals. This mandap is a popular choice for Asian weddings and you can get:

  • 4 crystal pillars
  • 3 arcs and crown
  • Wedding sofa
  • Paisley frames

Panels and pillars are made of fiberglass and are lightweight and easy to set up. So, using these decorative props with customization is likely to add a personalized touch to your event. So, with the stage decoration, you can get the best stage style to make your event beautiful.

The final words

Maharaja mandap for Indian wedding ceremony brings a breathtaking view to your event. The combination of colorful drapes, flower garlands, and lighting makes it luxurious. So, at Cherry’s Memories, we are available to understand your specific needs. You can discuss your budget plan with us and get the required decorations for your stage and mandap. Setting up the mandap and stage decoration requires time and planning. So, you should book the schedule for your event in advance with us.