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Mehndi decoration for your privately planned pre-wedding ceremony

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Mehndi decoration for your privately planned pre-wedding ceremony

The Mehendi ceremony is one of the old and prestigious customs that you cannot overlook. It’s a custom which is celebrated 2-3 days before the wedding function. So, decorating your home for this most awaited event is a must. Therefore, Cherry’s Memories brings you the best mehndi setup decoration in Parramatta to make this event beautiful. During this event, henna is used like paste to draw patterns and designs on the hands of the bride. It indicates peace in the new life of the bride which is going to start in the upcoming days. So, we make the event super special with our elegant décor setups.

Celebrate your mehndi with stylish décor ideas

There are plentiful ideas for the mehndi setup in Parramatta that you can choose from. Thus, we are readily available to provide you with ones that are tailored to your private event requirements. Our purpose is not to make your venue look excessive with unnecessary decor. But we aim to give it a sober and elegant look that makes your ceremony memorable. So, we provide you with different mehendi decoration ideas that you admire the most.

Umbrella decorations

Using a large umbrella is a great idea if you want to celebrate mehndi in the garden or lawn of your home. The color of the henna is green so the color of the lawn is green too. Thus, we place the chair or sofa with a background of printed umbrellas to make the venue stylish. This could be the simple yet stylish decoration to add charm to your pre-wedding ceremony.

Lighting up the venue

If you want that fairy tale charm for your mehndi decors, we can make it possible with our creativity. Setting up draperies as background with LED lighting can light up the evening or night. It is the most suitable mehndi decoration in Parramatta for indoor ceremonies. The lighting which reflects from draperies creates a picture-perfect venue for your event. Thus, creating a pleasant atmosphere for your henna.

Filling the space with flowers

Being a bride, you deserve the central attention during the mehndi function. So, we place an arch of beautiful flowers behind your seat to create a scenic view. Floral arches are just brilliant to turn the heads of guests towards the mehndi setup decoration in Parramatta. We can provide you with custom-made arches that match your dress, mehendi theme, and personal choices. It could prove an excellent idea for your event.

Floral curtains

Installing a floral curtain as a backdrop for the mehndi ceremony is an extravagant idea. Curtains of flowers with marigold settings are great for making the perfect mehndi setup in Parramatta. We know how to create the best symmetry of orange and yellow flowers to add grace to the event.

The final words

Mehndi decoration in Parramatta from experts like Cherry’s Memories makes your event beautiful. You can get customized decorations along with all arrangements of props, henna artists, and seating. For indoor and outdoor mehndi decors, you can create awesome venues as per your wedding theme.