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Cherry’s Memories – Your trusted wedding event planner in Parramatta

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Cherry’s Memories – Your trusted wedding event planner in Parramatta

Celebrating a wedding event in full zest is your right to make the occasion memorable. However, hosting such an event comes with a myriad of preparations to complete within a specific period. So, you may not find yourself in a state to do DIY wedding preparations. That’s where Cherry’s Memories stands alone as the best wedding event planner in Parramatta for you. In Parramatta, most residents are Indian families who spend huge money on wedding functions. Thus, we are a team of professionals to fulfill their needs with decorations and setting up the wedding stage as needed.

Decors for all types of venues

Every wedding has its specifications and uniqueness to make the moments extravagant. It primarily comes with the size of the venue selected for celebrating the reception and rituals. So depending on the size of the venue, we can make a wedding setup Parramatta for you. It comprises stage decorations with flowers, backdrops, drapes, etc. Also, the lighting for the hall is covered to make the venue look beautiful. In addition to this, we create appealing signboards for the outdoor areas to welcome your guests into the hall. Thus, we create your dream venue which closely relates to your personal preferences for decorations.

Stress-free venue decoration

Wedding decoration hire in Parramatta completely offers you stress-free decoration for the event. We work closely with you to have floral decorations that create the best ambiance. We employ our best decorators who have years of expertise in their respective fields. Thus, with lighting and flowers, they can add a sophisticated flair to your event to make it striking. We also have an array of decorated setups for the wedding stage to create stunning decorations. Thus, setting the tone for your event which aims to make your event remarkable and beautiful.

Decors with the latest trends

We believe that trends in wedding decor come and go swiftly. So, we respect your preferences and deliver the desired wedding decoration Parramatta. You might want to keep the wedding stage with minimal decoration. So, we decorate the stage with floral and draped settings for a conventional setup. But if you want to make it contemporary, we can use lighting, props, signs, and more to create the setup. Thus, for modern-day decors, we can consider using:

  • Floral decorations for the stage and venue
  • Lighting up the stage and venue
  • Whimsical and dreamy decors
  • Vibrant color trends
  • Long table decorations for catering

The final words

A wedding is a grand affair that requires ahead-of-time planning. So, hiring Cherry’s Memories helps you to meet your all requirements and expectations. We are your wholesome wedding event planner in Parramatta to deliver stage setup, lighting, flowers, and venue decor. Also, for wedding DJs, food, and drinks, you can consult us to have all-inclusive arrangements. We can provide you with affordable wedding decor that suits your budget. Thus, ensuring you have the best decors without breaking your vault.