Wedding Reception Decoration Sydney

Wedding Reception Decoration Sydney

Celebrate your day in your way with customized wedding reception decoration services

Celebrate your day in your way with customized wedding reception decoration services 850 567 cherrys

Celebrate your day in your way with customized wedding reception decoration services

Celebrating the beginning of a new life through a wedding reception is not a new trend. However, the way most couples celebrate these moments has changed now. Therefore, you can choose a tailored solution for reception decorations Sydney by consulting Cherry’s Memories. We are the top-rated wedding and reception planners offering matchless decoration services. You can get decorations for your event which reflect your style and make the event fun-filled. When planning a reception, it is important to choose the venue for photography and décor. So, if you are not sure what to do, leave it to us and sit back and relax.

Select colors and floral decor

Wedding reception decoration Sydney cannot be completed until you choose the best color and floral scheme. Therefore, you can make a personalized choice for the colors to add a unique décor statement. We have many theme-based decoration ideas for reception in indoor and outdoor venues. Also, we add floral displays starting from the church, registry office, and venue. Thus, you can choose to make an elegant decoration setup for the event with flowers, greenery, and ferns. We pair the floral decorations with beautiful lighting to create a stunning view.

Table decorations and seating arrangement

Your guests at reception require a welcoming environment to enjoy the event. So, arranging the perfect table decoration is a must to add luxury to your venue. We create a unique setting by using simple jam jars and milk bottles to decorate them with lighting. Thus, presenting an appealing display of crockeries on the tables and combining those with the flowers. You can follow such an affordable idea for your wedding if have a limited budget. Thus, giving a touch of sparkle to your event for a blissful and remarkable event ahead.

Drapes and backdrops

Creating a masterpiece for your event with drapes and backdrops is important to make the stage the center of attraction. Your guests would certainly look at the backstage decorations where you exchange the vows. So, being the best Indian wedding decorators Sydney, we give a traditional touch to the drapes with lighting. Thus, creating a unique setting for your stage to make it captivating for the guests as they enter the venue. We can use the white colored drapes which match perfectly to the wedding gown of your bride. Also, you can choose the colorful drapes setting for the decorations to make your event classy.

Illuminating signs

Hire the best Indian wedding planner in Sydney to add illuminating signs for your venue. We customize the sign with the LED lighting of your choice to install it backstage for a picture-perfect setting. Thus, making your guests stunned with the stylish wedding signs and escorting them to the venue.

To sum up

Cherry’s Memories is a reliable name for reception decorations Sydney. Our work is highly admired and is suitable for every budget and personal event decoration preference. So, call us now to discuss the plan for your wedding décor.